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GM 250

General information Single station machine Double station machine Extruder information Single station machine Double station machine
Dimensions (Width/Length/Height) 900/1700/2100 mm 1400/2200/2100 mm Screw diameter 25 mm 32 mm
Weight 800 kg 1500 kg Extruder drive output 4 kW 7,5 kW
      Extruder output HD-PE 7 kg/h 14 kg/h


Clamping force Product volumes Shuttle stroke Standard center distance Mould dimensions [mm]
12 kN 0-0,35 l 150 mm 2 Cavities  

GM 250 Mould dimensions

      50 mm

Machine datasheets

GM 251 P - Single station / Pneumatic

GM 251 X - Single station / Hybrid

GM 252 P - Double station / Pneumatic

GM 252 X - Double station / Hybrid


Machine video sequence

Single head for a production of 100 ml technical product Single head for a production of 20 ml bottle


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