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Working facility

  • Own production and office spaces
  • Equipment for development, assembling and machine testing
  • Compound area of 3000 m²

Industrial application of GDK blowing machines

Industrial use


Use according to polymer type


Turnover and export progress


  • Over 250 pcs of blow moulding machines total sold
  • 15 pcs of different machines delivered in 2020
  • Prototype tool tests and pre-production series

GDK offers a wide range of blow molding machines

GDK, spol. s r.o., established in 1993, specializes in the construction of plastic processing machines. Its production program consists of blow molding machines which are used to manufacture hollow plastic bodies made by extrusion blow molding. Packaging materials used in everyday life are one of its typical products. Blown bottles and jerrycans are used to package, store and transport cosmetics, foodstuffs or household chemicals. Another product group includes technical items such as air pipes or operational fluids used in health careor in the automotive industry.

5 Basic Sizes

The GDK blow molding machines produce a comprehensive product line available in five basic sizes depending on the volume of the product made. The design concept based on the horizontal movement of molds and the diversity of the driving unit used. The customer can choose from pneumatic drives used in the basic machine version as well as from servo-motor drives used in the machines that require high operator comfort and the precise control of technological parameters. The compact, yet robust construction facilitates the high flexibility of use and adaptability to specific customer needs. For instance, the smallest blow molding machine can be used for the production of packaging for hotel cosmetics. On the other hand, the largest machines can produce up to 30 l containers.

Own Development and Design

The core of the company’s business is its own development and design of machines. The individual components are supplied by sub-contractors and then assembled in the company’s own assembly hall in Kolová near Karlovy Vary. The GDK company also ensures pre-sale service which usually involves consulting in the area of technologies, testing of customers’ molds or pre-production manufacturing series which enable to reduce the time required for technological debugging at the customer’s site. Post-sale service includes machine commissioning at the customer’s site and provision of non-stop warranty service. 

The European Market and Beyond

The company’s annual production approximates 20 blow molding machines manufacturing in diverse versions, most of them being sold on the European marker. Although, most customers are based in the Czech Republic and EU, the company also exports its technologies to South America or the Caribbean.   

Company history

 Foundation of purely Czech company

 Machine prototype with pneumatic drive

 Machine with nominal volume up to 10 liters with hydraulic drive

 Dominant position on domestic market

 Beginning of export

 Development of new volume series

 Servo electric drives application

 Expansion of production area

 New technical solutions development and export progress

 Periodical participation at major fair trades

 20 persons employed

Member of KOH-I-NOOR Machinery group

New machine series



Member of KOH-I-NOOR Machinery group 

 KOH-I-NOOR Machinery website

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